"God controls the times and seasons."

Season (n)-
1 a) a time characterized by a particular circumstance or feature.
   b) a suitable or natural time or occasion
   c) an indefinite period of time

"He (God) changes times and seasons, he sets up kings and deposes them. He gives wisdom to the wise and knowledge to the discerning. He reveals deep and hidden things; he knows what lies in darkness, and light dwells with him." Daniel 2:21-22

This past weekend, I was inadvertently reminded of who is in control of all. The One who is in control of everything under the sun (Ecclesiastes 3) knows there is a time for everything, and a season for every activity...He is in control of it all, despite the season that I am in.

He knows my time to be born, and my time to die,
my time to plant, and my time to uproot,
my time to get rid of things and my time to heal,
my time to tear down, and my time to build,
my time to weep and my time to laugh,
my time to mourn and my time to dance,
my time to scatter stones and my time to gather them,
my time to embrace and my time to refrain from embracing,
my time to search and my time to give up,
my time to keep and my time to throw away,
my time to tear and my time to mend,
my time to be silent and my time to speak,
my time to love and my time to hate,
my time for war and my time for peace.

God knows all my seasons...and He is in control.
This past weekend, we spent quality family time with our friends the Hendrix's. Just being able to hang out with them is blessing enough...but when you can be in the presence of friends and hear God speaking to you simultaneously, well...now your in holy company.

The weekend went according to plan. Just hang out, enjoy the outdoors, climb, catch up with friends, and let the kids run around and get dirty. As I enjoyed the kids running around and playing, the sights and sounds of being outside, belaying Jeremy, climbing, and watching other climbers send routes, I couldn't help eavesdropping on Melissa and Sarah's conversations (they had many fruitful, wonderful things to talk about...which often was rooted in Jesus). I kept hearing Melissa use the word "Season" or "that's the season we went through or are going through" over again. And it's not what she said, but how she said it that really caught my attention.

When she was sharing her heart to Sarah about her relationship with Jeremy, her kids, her work, her life...and all the seasons associated with those things...regardless if it was going well or not...it was almost as if she had a chuckle, nonchalant sense of security about how seasons have ended or about to conclude.

This is what I was reminded of...although I'm certain Melissa did not know I was listening to her, I was. Through her, I heard God clearly telling me, "I am in control! Regardless of circumstance or feature, regardless of time or occasion, regardless of any indefinite period of time...I am in control. I change the times and the seasons...I am in control. Yes, I will set you up, give you wisdom and knowledge for discernment, reveal things to you as I am now, but I know what lies ahead...I KNOW HOW THE SEASONS END! I AM IN CONTROL!"

When this sunk in, I related to Melissa's security in God. On the drive home, I started breaking down every aspect of my life into seasons. Sarah, the girls, my work, my life...Everything has a season. I then chuckled to myself, nonchalantly...

Thank you Melissa...Thank you Jesus.

Where: E-Rock and Reimer's North Shore
Who: Pasquels (Sarah, Hannah, Pia, and your favorite ugly) and Hendrix's (Jeremy, Melissa, Toby and Bear)
When: 1/5-16/13
Goal: Hang out and climb!
(I spotted my first bald eagle in the wild. It was on the drive down to E-Rock in between the towns of Burnet and Llano on hwy 29. I don't know how to describe my enthusiasm for spotting this bird. But a sense of freedom overcame me when I watched it perched up top...I can just feel the sense of freedom this bird has. The places it's been and soared over...just humbled me.)
(Bear Sending route at E-Rock.)
(Jeremy and I setting up a climb...enjoying the rays. I'm sure our wives looked up at us and thought, "what hunks!"...maybe not.)
(Hannah working the slab...)
(Jeremy and I working slab...)
This little guy came out to visit right before the sun went down. A Ringtail! I've never seen one at E-Rock...pretty cool little guy.
After a day at E-Rock, we drove into Fredericksburg...checked in at the Peach Tree inn ($70 bucks a night gets you grandma's old room and cats sneaking into your room...the girls met a fat cat early in the morning that snuck in our room and they loved on it.) We then headed over to Auslander's and enjoyed Dunkel and Schnitzel...good day!
But Sunday...yes, Sunday is the day I was really looking forward to! Cranking out routes at Reimer's Northshore. Love this place...several crags with high concentration of sport routes nicely/newly bolted. Love it. After spending the day at E-Rock the day before and seeing the runouts (the long distance between bolts) there...nothing at Reimer's seemed run out. Matter of fact, some bolts were so close, I hate to admit that I even Z-clipped once on a route (In my defense...the bolts were less than 5 ft apart).
Me in my happy place!
Proud of Jeremy...He led a few routes, flashed a few, flashed a 5.9, and work a 10.b to the last bolt! Proud of you bud...let's keep cranking away! We are going to have some fun at Horseshoe in a couple of months!
Going to give my wife credit...she was an awesome photographer. Good sport.
I know I thanked the girls...but I just want to let everyone know that this day would not be possible without them. Sarah gave me this trip for my birthday, and Melissa and her went way beyond being good sports throughout the weekend. Besides being primary childcare...they didn't even ask for our help!!!!!! They truly let Jeremy and I climb...and just concentrate on climbing. I thought there would be times when they at least asked for help, or give a "honeydo" or the "wife eye"...but no...nothing. And on top of that, they were completely psyched and supportive of our climbing. Melissa was non-stop encouragement for Jeremy...his own personal cheerleader below him...You are awesome Mel! I love it! Sarah...you know how I feel, without you...I dont climb, period.
We finished the day climbing hard...we arrived at 8:30, and left almost at 5pm. I couldn't ask for a better gift. I love to climb. I love to climb. I love to climb!
I love to climb, but I love being with my family and friends more!!!! Combine the two...and it's my own little heaven. Fellowship, children running around, truth being spoken, truth being recieved, living by the spirit, and seeing the spirit working in others...the only thing that would have made this day better is having Jesus himself strap on a harness and slip on some rubber and climb with us! Thank you Jesus for this weekend! What a gift!
Extra Credit: We stopped at the Double Horn Brewing Company in Marble Falls...it was our first time. And it did not disappoint. The food and beer is excellent...go support them if your in town! I rate their IPA and Porter 5 stars. IPA had the right amount of hops (a lot) and the porter had a great coffee finish... 


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