Reimerstock 2013

"Truly, I say to you, unless you turn and become like children, you will never enter the kingdom of heaven." Matthew 18:3.

Let me set the have 12 young men (possibly even more)...who have spent the majority of their time following the King of kings in ministry throughout the region. As they moved along from town to town, they started feeling pretty darn good about themselves and their standing in God's eyes. I mean, seriously...I'm sure they picked up a few good things from just being around Jesus, right? They are his posse...which means they must be the "it" group. So one evening they are hanging  and having a good time... and Peter (cause you know Peter was the bigger idiot of the group and always spoke first) starts pointing out how they're the bomb. Inevitably this led to each one stating how awesome they are...which then led to competition...which then resulted in each one arguing his case for whom is the greatest in the kingdom of heaven...Can you imagine this? I can...Peter goes on and on about his loyalty to Jesus...then Simon interjects about how he will be the first to go to war for Jesus...Judas points out how the books and numbers in ministry don't run themselves. Each one just keeps arguing about how important they are...

As the night rolled on...Jesus had enough, finally sits down next to them and says, "Fellas...don't want to burst your bubble but, the greatest in the kingdom of heaven are these (Matthew 18:3 Alf version):

Jesus says be like a child and have a childlike heart!!! Be trusting, know how to trust without hesitancy...Be transparent; a child is not good at hiding his carefree, learn to live in the present and not the future...Be spontaneous and look for adventure...Be imaginative and see all the possibilities...Be joyful! A child's joy is not circumstantial but rooted in being with those who they love...Be humble and stop comparing yourself to others...and be faithful like a child; simple, without doubt.

This past weekend I was reminded that my heart looked more like the disciples than all of those wonderful children you see above. These kids have blessed me...the way they interacted, engaged, related, and loved one another. Thank you Jesus. 
What: Reimerstock 2013
Where: Reimer's Ranch and Camp (Fort) Hardin
Who: A lot of people I call friends and family. A lot of  little children who are precious!
When: May 17-19, 2013
Reimerstock is essentially an awesome time of fellowship, camaraderie, encouragement, climbing, camping, and Peace and Love, man!!!
(Glenda leading Scott's Pelotas 5.8)
Saturday morning, we spent time climbing at the Dead Cats Wall:

 Cole cruising (Photo Credit: Jess Gilbert (JG)
 Elliana (photo credit: Jess's camera...which is waaayyy better than mine)
Jeremy, Toby, and Bear (Photo: JG)
My Hannah
Irene Lee working Hairballs and Sprays 5.10b
Brad just came down on a 2/3rding attempt on Madrone 5.9
Hugo and son Christopher fueling up
 Grey (Photo: JG)
Irene and daughter Tori roping up
Two of my beautiful girls...Sarah and Hannah
More Reimerstock
Jeremy and Glenda
After climbing...or when it got too hot climb...we headed down to the Pedernales to spend the rest of the afternoon. Left to right...Rod, Amy, My MOMMA-Milena. Sarah, and Jeremy
Hannah (Glenda and Hugo's) and Pia
 More Reimerstock
Rod and Jess...Love it!
Reimerstock dinner!
 Camp Hardin! After leaving Reimer's for the day...we camped out at Camp Hardin...Brad and Amy's awesome backyard!

Camp Hardin Fire
Reimerstock continued on Day II! Ugly working Pay at the Pump...bolt 6, 5.12a (Photo:JG)
Irene starting A Walk With Kirky 5.7
 Alma traversing A Walk With Kirky 5.7
Brad on Kirky 5.7
Ugly traversing Highway to Heaven 5.10d...a 125' traverse with 15 bolts (Photo: JG)
 Jess cruisin'
 Jess completing Kirky 5.7 and transitioning to crux of Highway to Heaven 5.10d. Jess also pulled this roof by clipping the next two bolts to the right of her and topped out Vanilla Sky 5.11a
I worked Pay to the Pump to this bolt...bolt #7, which makes it a 5.12a.
 But yours truly onsighted it to bolt 4, which is 5.11c...I worked it (i.e. hangdogged it to bolt 7) But I am super motivated to come back and send past bolt 4. Can't wait!
Sarah and Pia...out! Reimerstock is awesome! Thanks to all involved...can't wait to do it again!

***Jess Gilbert is a real Pro Photographer, not a wannabe like me...she has one of those huge camera, the ones you see on a football sideline...She took some of the shots on this page...and I wanted you guys to check her out:***

***Glenda is also a photographer...though I dont know if she has a huge camera or not...I've seen her work. She is also super talented...check her out at:***


  1. Love it! What can I say but that I am so blessed to have been a part of it! Thank you, everyone but especially Alf & the Hardins for including us on this! The Holy Spirit was very much present throughout our gatherings, whether we realize it or not :-) Matt. 18:20 "For when 2 or 3 come together in my name, there am I with them." -Irene

  2. Praising the Lord for such great friends and great times! Love it Alf! Pics are amazing as always and the boys can't quit talking about how much fun they had! Reimerstock 2014 - plan it! Count me in! :)


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