Rocky Mountain National Park 2.0 Part I

"Therefore, my dear friends, as you have always obeyed- not only in my presence, but now much more in my absence- continuing to work out your salvation with fear and trembling, for it is God who works in you to will and to act according to his good purpose." Phillipians 2:12-13

As of late, I have been struggling to see any spiritual fruit in my life. There are many reasons I can think of that explains why the spiritual well feels dry (laziness being one of them). But what really saddens me is I cannot see, hear, or feel the spirit moving. When this happens, I am stagnant. Life is different. What's worst, when I am living differently, I fail to see the Lord's work around me. And since I'm a visual person, this is very discouraging for me.

But the Lord is faithful! Yes he is.

While in Colorado for family vacation, I was hoping for rejuvenation. I was hoping for something special. And sure enough, it came. But not through the mountains, rivers, or Not through the fun and fellowship of friends and family while climbing, hiking, or It was through my best bud, Sean Moore, who emailed me from Haiti and shared a few words of wisdom with me. I immediately felt a kindling in my heart...and my faith began to feel stronger.
Sean wrote me via Ken Gire (author of Moments with a Savior (and many more books):

"Simply this. That God's purposes are not thwarted by our humanity, however weak and wayward it may be. That He works in us and through us and, more often than not, in spite of us. That he works with us, as a gardener works with his garden. Lifting, pruning, watering, weeding. Whatever it takes to bring it to fruition. Or however long it takes." -Ken Gire-
This truth came in perfect timing. For we know that God works in and through us. Jesus says God works in us for His good purpose. What I often forget though, is that God continues to use me...despite of me. Imagine that. Regardless of myself...regardless of all my struggles, inadequacy, and unwillingness, God will continue to see His purpose through. God is not thwarted by my! He works in and through me, as a gardner does in a garden. I, with God's Grace, need to understand that I'm called to continue to work out my salvation, and allow the Lord to lift, prune, water, and weed me! Allow the Lord to bring me to fruition.

Thank you brother Sean! Thanks for the timely words. There is fruit in me. Despite my humanity, despite my condition, God continues to pursue me and cultivate matter how long it takes!
What: Rocky Mountain National Park Family Vacation
Who: Hardin Family, Gilbert Family, Reyes-Ortiz Family, and Pasquels!
When: July 3-7, 2014
Where: Estes Park, CO
Activities: Climbing, Hiking, Fishing, Sight Seeing, and a lot of fun.
July 2
We arrived to Longmont after a 12.5 hour drive from home. We set up camp at St. Vrain State Park and headed into town to eat dinner and have a few (root) beers...
 We visited Oskar Blues restuarant and their brewery in Longmont. I particularly enjoyed their Deviant Dale's Pale Ale the most...good beer.
July 3
Pasquel family arrived in Estes Park and climbed Lilly Mountain. We spent most of the day enjoying/acclimating to about 8000' while rock climbing.
I was really proud of Hannah for climbing her first 5.8! She onsighted her first 5.8 (TR). She was super excited as well. Good job Banana!
July 4
Hike to Mills Lake to fish and hang out.
Round trip hike: 6 miles
Elevation gain: 700'
 Mills lake is a beautiful alpine lake that sits at 9,940' above sea level. The hike starts at the Glacier Gorge TH and hikes up 700' for about 3 miles (unofficial because the mileage signs on this trail are off).
  The trail all the way up is a class 1, moderate hike. Most of the trail follows Glacier Creek up to...
Alberta Falls. The hike to Alberta Falls from the TH is about a mile long. This waterfall roars down 30'. Very powerful waterfall.
 Rest of the hike from Alberta Falls to Mills Lake is about two miles.
Mills lake is beautiful. Mills lake is named after Enos Mills, the man known as "The Father of Rocky Mountain National Park. He was a great naturalist and outdoorman. He summited Long's Peak (the only 14,000' peak in the park) by the age of 15 and had over 300 more successful summits in this lifetime. But he is credited with the creation of RMNP by lobbying congress and writing numerous letters to create and perserve this beautiful park.
 Mills Lake is relatively big for an alpine lake. It is a 1/3 of a mile long. Supposedly, Mills Lake is one of the better places to fish in the Park. They have all kinds of trout (Rainbow, Brown, Greenback) to different kind of Suckers. However, we weren't very lucky.
Hugo is the only one who caught anything. We believe it was a rainbow trout, but we don't know for sure.
We all spent about 2 hours fishing up there before the afternoon showers started rolling in. Place is truly incredible. By the way, that peak you see in the backgorund is the backside of Long's Peak.
I was very proud of the kids. They hiked 6 miles. We were up in the mountains for 5/6 hours and they all had great attitudes. I told Sarah that this will probably be the most memorable part of the trip for me. The fact that the kiddos hiked 6 miles! I know my girls have never done that before. They were all good sports, made this day enjoyable, and somehow still had energy left over at the end of our day.

Big time memories for me so far:
-Hannah climbing 5.8
-Kids hiking 6 miles
-Me fishing with the girls (which never happen)

great start to ur trip.

Part II up next...


  1. Great post friend! Thank you for allowing us to be a part of this awesome many great memories. Love you guys!!


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