Horseshoe Canyon Ranch: Labor Day 2014

"Have I not commanded you? Be strong and courageous. Do not be terrified; do not be discouraged, for the Lord your God will be with you wherever you go." Joshua 1:9

What is God calling us to [do]?

Is this the crux of Christianity? What's our purpose here?...This is what we desire, is it not? To know what God desires for us... and of us? To know the ultimate plan in our lives...

I know we all struggle with these questions. And I know there are moments, low moments when we face these questions in desperation. Confused, scared, and frustrated...we face the fact that we  have no clue what the hell we're doing here. It's the Christian's version of the proverbial, "What's the purpose of life?"

Fortunately, for believers...we know the Purpose of life. Unfortunately, that's the extent of it. So yeah, as I'm typing this out, I am realizing that most of us are not that far removed from being completely clueless. So with that being said...

I still don't have THE answer to the Christian's Conundrum to specific callings in our lives, or even my life...but, maybe there's something to be said about not knowing for sure. If you will, allow me to share some recent revelation...
These are the McNeely's...our sweet neighbors of almost 8 years! We invited Scott and Crystal to join us on a rock climbing trip to Arkansas for Labor Day weekend. I invited them about a month before the trip. I remember the day...I went over to their garage and Crystal and I casually visited. I extended an invitation for their family to join us, believing they would kindly decline since the idea of spending a long weekend sleeping outside to just rock climb usually does not spark much of an interest to those outside of rock jocks. Instead of the usual decline I get from most people, Crystal, without hesitation, took me up on my offer. I was surprised at the immediate commitment. They've never been, seen, or have heard of the place we were going to. In addition, they have never been on a rock trip, didn't have any gear, and quite frankly...didn't have any clue what to expect. But it didn't matter...they were in!
To solidify their commitment even more...they purchased new gear for the weekend. Climbing shoes, harness, sleeping bags...They were all in! The McNeely's were still committed and even more excited about something they didn't know about. Then came the time to go. It is a 7 hour drive from home, arriving in the middle of the night, to set up camp in the dark...just to get enough (or no) sleep to start the physically demanding weekend. This one inconvenience would deter most people of going...not them. So, at one point over the weekend, Crystal says to me,
"You never thought you would see us here...huh?.?.?" 
No, no I didn't.
And this is when revelation kicked in. I never thought I would see my neighbors on a rock trip with me. They are not rock climbers, have no rock climbing background, and quite frankly have no reason to rock climb at all. So how did they end up on this trip again? What it all boils down to is they simply said YES.
 There was an invitation made, an invitation recieved, and a commitment seen through.
So what's this story have to do with our Purpose? I think it has everything to do with purpose. Sure, some of us have very specific callings in our lives to serve the Lord. Some of you out there have had clear, unshakeable visions of what the Lord wants of you. From early age, you know you are called to ministry, or missions, or _________! But most of us...for the most part, are uncertain. But that's ok. Life is not all about specifics. Sometimes, life is just about accepting an invitation!
God calls everyone of us. Or better yet, God invites everyone of us to join him. I would even say, that our calling is to simply say, "Yes!" to His invitation. So even though we may not have this outlined, detailed spiritual itinerary for our lives...we still have a calling/invitation to follow Him. And what's really cool, is more often than not, the Lord will just stop by your "garage" to simply extend an invitation to something. So, will we kindly decline?..or without hesitation, take up Jesus' offer to join him? Will it matter if we haven't been, seen, or heard of the places he wants to take us to? Will it matter if we aren't properly equipped? Will it matter if we have no CLUE??? Do these things matter?
The McNeely's jumped into the weekend, no hesitation...they were all in! I recently read on an inspirational poster:
"The greatest failure is the failure to try."
I know, kinda cheesy. But it's a truism I like. Scott and Crystal just went for it. They accepted the invitation and gave it a try. I admire their willingness to try something new, something out of their comfort zone.
In regards to our calling in life, I think the same can be said...
"The greatest failure in Christianity is the failure to try."
Maybe this is why most of us feel like we are missing a call in life. We don't say "YES" to Jesus enough. Maybe if we accepted his invitation to new, out of comfort experiences...we would start seeing our lives as a calling in itself. Maybe, just maybe...our Calling in life is to simply accept the everyday, casual invitation. And maybe, by not knowing our specific calling...that leaves a large margin of question to accept all different types of Christ's invitations. Just maybe...

What: Horseshoe Canyon Ranch Climbing Rock Trip.
When: Labor Day weekend 2014
Who: Scott and Crystal McNeely, Reyes-Ortiz Family, Pasquel Family
There's not much of a trip report. We had a fun, relaxing weekend climbing and camping. So this trip report will be another picture collage. Hope you enjoy!



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