Vail Pass Bike Path

"I remember the days of long ago, I meditate on all your works and consider what your hands have done. I spread out my hands to you; my soul thirsts for you like a parched land." Psalm 143:5-6


Colorado in September is brilliant. And personally, my absolute favorite moments are standing still under golden aspens, watching the leaves dance to the cool mountain breeze. Watch a leaf closely, and I swear you can see them flutter with joy. Each one dancing to their own tune. But I think you know this...and you know that it makes my heart happy. Thank you for this...

Like David in the psalms, I can't help but to consider all that you built. It's a continuous brush stroke, filled with surprises of love, laughter, and beauty.  Nothing else fills me like the way you do. Nothing. Yet everything gets in the way between us. Too many days are going by without you. I am dried out. I am parched. Why do I do this to us? Jesus, my soul thirsts for you.
I know my thirst comes from my willingness to stay away from you. I am sorry. I am so caught up with myself that I forget the days of long ago. I forget what you're hands have done and what they are capable of in my life. I just continue on selfishly...which is lunacy considering who you are. Help me! I know that you have saved me as a whole...but I pray for daily salvation. I need it. I really need you to save me from everyday. Please! I can't continue to keep choosing to wander out in the desert when I have a home in the Springs! What's wrong with me man! I have issues.
Please continue showing up for me. Sometimes I do pay attention. And when I do, I am very thankful. Like this past weekend...I had one of the most joyful times. Sure, I stood under your work and knew this was built by you...The mountains, the trees, the skies, the sights and is all great. But it wasn't your most beautiful creation or works of your hand... The most beautiful definitely goes to the relationships you have built over the years. There is over 100 years of relationships between the Pasquel, Causey/Lay, Hendrix, Beckham, and Lawler families.  And in that time, you have been carving out one of the few masterpieces of my life. Jesus, let me continue to meditate on this creation amongst a few more I am aware of.  This is Living Water. These people you bless me with quenches my soul.
So please help me meditate on all your works. Especially the relationships you have built. Please allow me to be more intentional and stand still with the people I love. Please allow me to watch my friends and family closely, see them flutter with joy and dance to their own tune. I know this will make my heart happy. But I think you already know this...:) I love you!
What: Vail to Frisco Bike Ride
Who: Josh and Adrienne Cauey, Lauren Lay, Jeremy and Melissa Hendrix (this blog post is for you!), Sarah and Ugly Pasquel
When: 09/20/15
Stats: 13.6 miles and right around 1,500' descent from the top.
This is a sweet bike ride. We rented bikes down in Frisco, CO...for about $40 pp. A shuttle to Wilder Gulch TH is included. They drop you off about 13.6 miles and 1500' up through Copper Mountain. The ride starts off with a few steep switchbacks but relatively safe and on paved bike path.
The first few miles are quick, but beautiful. You head SE/E towards Copper Mountain.
We stopped in Copper mountain for lunch. Seemed like a neat town, but it is dead this time of year. We enjoyed good apps and brews in town.
This is a fun...very fun bike ride. Most people can do it no problem. Take your time and stop in Copper Mountain for lunch. Enjoy the views. Stay on the bike path while riding, stay off when not. Someone in our group almost collided with a rider...they were completely in the wrong and should be scolded. Continue the remaining 8 miles or so into Frisco and ride through town. Frisco has tons of shops, restuarants, etc, etc...typical mountain town. The trail is straightforward, easy to navigate. Just head down and continue forward. You end up cruising and using your brakes more than you pedal. Which is the kind of bike ride I like. I had a blast with my friends and will bring my girls back here one day to ride down this path again.


  1. Great web site! ... Where in Frisco did you rent the bikes? Thanks!


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