Marriage Conference 2017

What; Valentine's Weekend 2017
Who: Mcnutterbutters, Reyes-Ortiz, Erika, and Us!
Where: Reimers Ranch, Treaty Oak Brewing and Distilling
When: Feb 11-12, 2017
It was an awesome weekend celebrating friendships, marriage, food, and pets...For a winter weekend, it was very warm. Got to visit the Reyes-Ortiz home for the first time and thought there place was awesome! Treaty Oak Brewing and Distilling is placed in a nice bucolic setting, family friendly, and their spirits are pretty good. Beers are session style brews...
We climbed Reimers Proper on Saturday, cimbing at Shortcake and Dr. Suess Wall and we Climbed At Northshore on Sunday.
Anywho, it was a great relaxing weekend and everyone enjoyed each other's company. We missed a few of our people on this trip...but hopefully we can all get together soon.
 Until next time Friends!!! BTW, its interesting seeing the transformation from Hugo to Carlos...


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