Buffalo River

Who: Mcnutterbutter, Lawndawg, XEAUNG, Brightside, Germany, and The Humble One. 
What: Have a good time, and "finally end friendship with CHONGE" and move on to better friends.
Where: Buffalo National River, The Ozarks
When: June 2-4. 2017
***Some pics were taken by Shawne***
Had a fantasatic time. Got to get a few climbs in this weekend. Climbed at The Fern and HCR. The Fern is a nice little crag...35-45' in length, short but quality routes. Best part of the Fern is the setting. Its set in an idyllic little creek, with the sounds of the creek trickling down...it makes for a fun day out. Over the weekend, we visited Fossil Cove Brewing, where I enjoyed some pork tacos and a dank IPA. Also visited Apple Blossom Brewing in Fayetteville, although I wasn't impressed with Brewery setting. Felt more like a family restaurant than a brewery. To sum up the weekend...we drank beer, ate red meat, drank dark coffee out of an old percolator, and spent time with my buds...
We got together this weekend to send CHLONG (the guy with the hat in pic above...well, the ugly guy with the beard) out on a high note before his new life begins out East in Jacksonville Beach, FL. The dude is back from Haiti, went on a whirlwind tour of the US since his return, and made a pit stop with us in the backwoods of Arkansas. I love this guy...and no matter how far we are apart...will continue to find each other in the mountains, on the river, or (dare I say) on the beach...with a beer in one hand, making fun of each other, and making more fun of others around us! 
The Humble One dropped his camera in the river...and it's forever destroyed. However, the rice trick worked and I managed to salvage the pics on the memory card...So here are a few of the weekend. I hope you and your families enjoy!
This is for Lu...a new profile shot for his Tindering. This image captures his "essence." Lu is playful, he is sensitive, he adventurous, he is looking for his soul mate...
and he's a looker!


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