"Friends love through all kinds of weather, and families stick together in all kinds of trouble." Proverbs 17:17 MSG
A lot has happened this past week...Emotionally, I have been all over the map. As many know, we had an accident that could have ended worse. Miracle by miracle, a catastrophe was avoided and our wonderful friend, although in pain...will recover soon enough.

This post will be a bit different than in the past. I am usually seeking for Truth through the places we visit or activities we do. But this time, I'm finding my Burning Bush through my my friend Hugo Reyes-Ortiz. Due to recent incidents, my focus has been on Hugo and his family. I have spent a lot of time this past week thinking about this man.

Hugo is an incredible, amazing, wonderful man. I remember first meeting Hugo. He was bald, looked hardcore, and I remember thinking "how in the world is a sweet girl like Glenda married to this scary looking dude." But as soon as we were introduced, he gave me that big signature Hugo smile, and a wink to follow. Make no mistake...although he was pleasant, Hugo was sizing me up. I immediately knew, you do not mess with his family. His primary, instinctual purpose is to ensure safety and security for his crew. He passionately loves his wife, he purposely guides his son, and he tenderly protects his daughter.

One of the many memories I have of Hugo, is a few years back, in Rocky Mountain National Park. Glenda was taking Hugo out to go fly fishing...so we took their kids out for the day. We decided to take the kids on a long hike up to an alpine lake. The plan was to enjoy the lake, go swimming, and enjoy a lunch on the lake shore. Sure enough, a thunderstorm blew in from the other side of the mountain. We tried to stay put, but it continued to rain. The temps dropped, and the rain turned into small hail. The atmosphere was charged, and you can hear the cracks of lighting...we had no choice, we needed to get off the mountain quickly. Now, at this point in time, our boy Hugo was really out of shape. He would huff and puff 10-15' up a wall and would scream for a "take." On hikes, he would break out into complete sweats...usually making jokes about how hard the 1/4 mile approach was...and how he would rather be eating a burger. But on this particular day, as we were struggling to get down the mountain, herding kids down the trail...there came out of nowhere, like an outdoor/hiking superman...Hugo! A hero! All that was missing was the cape. Where did he come from? How did he know? Wherever he was...he must of have looked up and saw the Daddy signal in the sky, knowing how scared his kids must have been. He took over. He grabbed kids and gear and wrestled a bear and, well...you can imagine the rest. He was incredible. The lengths he would go to...I believe that Hugo would have never stopped until he found us.

This is one of many memories...and truths about Hugo.

Truth is...I see a fighter. A man that fights for his wife's love. He serves her in so many ways, that most of us men need to stop and pay closer attention to the subtleties. How you wait patiently, always ask for her opinion, trust in her judgment. Hugo relies so much on Glenda...as Glenda does on him. It's marriage.

A man that fights for his children. He fights for their hearts everyday. He intentionally spends time with the kiddos, tending to their growth. Takes them fishing, canoeing, camping...He also holds them, hugs them, and takes them to Daddy/Daughter dances. He armors his son, explaining the ways of the world and how to navigate through it...maybe realizing difficulties compared to others.

He fights away from home...He works hard, so his kids can have what he didn't. So his kids don't have to make choices he made. Hugo fights and "hustle's" as he eloquently puts it, so his family can enjoy "that crazy white people stuff" like camping, rock climbing, and gluten-free organic quinoa veggie-tofu broth!

I see a fighter! But I also see the sacrifice. I see how much Hugo is willing to lay down for his family. I see Hugo. Hugo is an unselfish man. A man, that willingly, repeatedly lays down for Glenda, Christopher, and Hannah.

...Hugo, your love is rich...

...and you are rich in love. You have many friends...and family that love you! Love you brother! Get well.
What: Reimerstock 2017
Who: Too many to know for sure
Where: Austin area
When: May 26-29
Alright...NPN 2017...here we come.


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