White Rock-Shores Lake Loop

 Ecclesiastes 3:1-8..."To everything there is a season, a time for every purpose under heaven."

Seasons come and go; they have a beginning and an end. Autumn usually marks the start of harvests-a process of gathering mature crops from the fields. A time of great celebration...a time to reap what you have sowed!

I love Autumn! It usually marks a new season for the most of us. It's a new school year...football...the weather cools...and the Holidays are near.

However, the most noticeable change is everything around you when you walk out. All the different colors!!!! But in Texas...the landscape is not quite as dramatic...So we drove up to Arkansas to see the colors!!!
White Rock-Shores Lake Loop, Ozarks National Forest, Arkansas
Who: Melissa and Jeremy Hendrix, Sarah (mi linda) Pasquel and your feo!
When: 11/5-11/6/11
Mileage: 11 miles roundtrip
elevation gain: 1500'

We drove up on Friday the 4th and camped up on the mountain on CO RD 76. The girls slept in the hatchback of the Prius and we slept next to the car...Our plans to complete the loop came to a halt as soon as we got there. There was a gate on the road that kept you from going up to White Rock TH. Before we drove up this mountain, there was a detour sign to White Rock that I completely ignored...on purpose. Ooops, my bad.

But this worked out for us...the next day, we drove back down to the Lake Shores campgrounds and started our hike from here. We decided to hike the West portion of the loop only...
Well, I got what I wanted from the getgo...we got to see tons of color. There were shades of red, orange, and yellow leaves all over.
Sarah and I hiked this trail with our good friends the Hendrixs. Jeremy and I go back almost 15 years now...we have known each other since high school. Jeremy is an awesome dude...Both Jeremy and Melissa are tons of fun to be with and make for a great couple to hang out with in the woods! Today, was Jeremy's birthday...I consider this a great way to spend a birthday.
Like the Butterfield Loop, this trail was blazed with blue blazes...as shown above by me. As we were making our way to camp, we would see these trees with red leaves. These were my favorite...
From Shores lake TH, the trail steadily goes up. The trail is considered a moderate trail and I would agree with this. One of the coolest things we did see were these really bright berries. They added even more color to this very colorful trip...
 We finally arrived to camp after two hours of hiking. We camped right by a waterfall and a very scenic portion of the valley.
We ate lunch here, took a 45 mintue break...and started to make our way up to White Rock. There were some really cool views along the way...it was also a great way to hang out with everyone. We were in no rush, and just enjoying being outside.
Around 4pm, we finally got to the top. White Rock Mountain is awesome. The bluffs are incredible...the views to the West and Southwest were amazing. It also gave us our first look of all the fall colors from up above. 
We hung out here for about 30 minutes or so...we took several pictures and had good hubby/wifey time. But the sun was starting to go down...which meant we needed to as well. Of course, the descent was easier on all of us...so we got back down to camp within two hours...we made a fire, cooked dinner, and Melissa surprised Jeremy with a birthday dessert (sweet wife).
It was a laid back evening...we shared stories about our kids...and each other...and enjoyed the fire! As for Melissa...this was her first backpacking trip. She was a trooper. She did very well!!! And I am very proud of her! She is an awesome wife for giving Jeremy an opportunity to hang out with her outside in the backcountry...really cool.
Oh yeah...these two guys were getting it on all night next to us...
No, not the Hendrixs!

I wonder what this new season has in store...It's harvest time, so we will see what God has produced. The last season is gone...done. In comes the new...and God offers a harvest to not just replenish...but to also restore. So now that God is doing this good work in you...now what? I don't know what that looks specifically for you...or for that matter, me. But I do know this...For every season there is a purpose.That's reason enough to get excited!


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